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Automotive is the science that studies about the engine of motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Automotive has a wide branch of science which is more specific about parts of the system in a motor vehicle. Let’s study the automotive world ranging from the basic to the more advanced levels. This site will present a variety of information about the automotive world.

From year to year, the automotive world seems to be a good progression. Although exposed to extraordinary monetary crisis in 1998, seems to be interest in purchasing power and the automotive world archipelago was not significantly reduced.

Over the years, the world community has witnessed a variety of automotive brands and types of new cars on the highway though brand and type of the car has just been launched by the producers. Both type cars MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), hatchback, sedan, coupe, crossover, and more, can all be seen impacting the automotive world with was keen.

Some of the references to the automotive world maybe you can get on this site autosduty. Enjoy reading 🙂

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